YouTubers Euthanize Beloved Dog Without Cause

Popular YouTubers euthanized their beloved bull terrier without enough reason, to the horror of many.

5 min readNov 11, 2021


Nikki (left) and Dan (right) Phillipi | Photo Credits: The Sun

There is no doubt about dogs being every man’s best friend. We all hold a special soft corner for those four-legged fluff balls. As pets, they become a part of our family. Usually, we can’t help but shower them with love. However, that was not the case with popular YouTubers Nikki and Dan Phillippi euthanizing their nine-year-old bullterrier Bowser on May 3, 2021. It doesn’t take much to cancel social media personalities in this day and age, and this action of theirs indeed made the cut.

Disturbing Video

A still from the YouTube video about Bowser’s euthanization | Photo Credits: YouTube

Euthanizing dogs is a tearful decision, especially if you’ve loved and housed them for nine years, as was the case with Bowser. But, for Nikki and Dan, it seemed a bit too easy.

On May 3, 2021, they shocked the internet when they revealed Bowser’s euthanization in a video. Bowser had bitten their one-year-old son, Logan, and that too when provoked. Logan had tried to snatch away Bowser’s food- soon, it would turn out that there was good reason for the beloved bull terrier to do so.

In the video, Nikki, tearful, started by saying:

“I don’t even… there is no cheery way to open this video, so… we’re here today to share with you what’s been going on in our life.”

She was completely ignorant of how hasty and cruel her family’s decision was as she handed the mic to Dan. Dan went on about how Bowler was an aggressive dog and had tried multiple times to bite other dogs. He said that Bowler had become reclusive and quick to attack after being attacked as a puppy. However, none thought to get help for their dog. Soon, everyone would doubt the truth of their statements. Dan said:

“For many many years, for most of his life, he was an extremely dangerous animal outside the walls of my house.”

The couple said that the breaking point was Bowser biting their son. That would’ve made sense if Logan was seriously hurt




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