Three-way Relationship Leads To Murder Of Wife

Scott Sunford’s response to his wife’s murder was a red flag.



Desiree (left) and Scott (right) Sunford | Photo Credits: The Cinemaholic

Desiree Sunford and her husband were in an open relationship with another woman. She wanted an end to it. Little did she know that’d lead to her murder.

Art Teacher Is Apple Of Her Students’ Eyes

30-year-old Desiree lived with her husband and veteran Scott in Yakima, Washington. She grew up in Washington, too, and worked as an art teacher at Wapato Middle School.

Art teachers are stereotyped as creative and empathetic. In Desiree’s case, it was true. She was adored by all her students.

She and Scott married in 2003 and loved each other unabashedly. They occasionally cycled outdoors together. However, that was only on the surface. The cracks in their marriage were only revealed after Desiree’s murder.

Alarm System Trips The Night Before The 911 Call

Yakima County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call at 8 30 pm on April 7, 2013. It was Scott Sunford. On his way back from an out-of-city work trip, he couldn’t get a hold of his wife.

That wasn’t the only cause of concern. His high-tier, recently installed alarm system was tripped last night, but Scott thought of it as nothing but an error. After all, new alarm systems take some time to get used to.

Scott convinced the police to check up on Desiree. Surprisingly, this wasn’t an over-anxious husband’s whim. By the time the police arrived, Scott was parked in the driveway. He didn’t want to enter the house alone- suspicious, in hindsight.

Scott holding a gun, perfectly aimed at the house, was strange.

Found Murdered In Master Bedroom

Initially, the police didn’t find anything strange. It was pitch dark which was normal, given the time of day. They cautiously stepped into the Master bedroom only to find Desiree dead on the floor.

She had been shot nine times. She had tried to crawl away — unsuccessfully so. Several bullet casings were around her dead body, and there was a full shoe print in the blood pooled around…




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