The Heart-Wrenching Atrocities of Dozier School

Screams, cries, and blood, a school or a torture cell?



Photo Credits: Radar Online

Located in the quaint Florida town of Marianna, the Florida Industrial School or also known as ‘Arthur G. Dozier School for boys’, holds the deepest secrets of history. In the name of a school, it was a center of abuse, ferocity, brutality, and wickedness. The horror yet true story of the Dozier School is to this day remembered.

The incidents that took place at the Dozier School for boys are brutal and horrific.

The School Was a Living Hell

Dozier School for boys | Photo Credits: Tampa Bay Times

The Dozier School was opened in 1900 as the Florida State Reform School. It covers an area of 1400 acres west of Tallahassee. Many people believed it to be a strict institute that would bring young delinquents back on track in life. It was thought that the school would improve the students’ demeanor and eradicate any form of deviance from their behavior. It was was one of the well-known juvenile reforms. It ranged in its quota, from children involved in something as huge as theft and murder to those who were merely being disobedient. The parents sent their children in hopes that they would get better. But what happened inside the school walls was beyond what anyone could have imagined. Indeed, the school was more than just ‘strict’ behind the walls.

The authorities claimed to be providing the students with hope for a better future, but it was a training ground for a criminal future. The students were so emotionally broken that those who survived are still not over the trauma inflicted upon them.

Now the question is: what had happened behind those closed walls of the school?

The Allegations were more than just Rumors

Photo Credits: Abandoned Florida

Dozier School was rumored to be vicious in practice for the students. The allegations were that they chained the students to the walls and beds and…




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