The Deadly Chameleon Killer Leaves No Trace Behind

We still don’t know all the murders he committed.



Terry Rasmussen | Photo Credits: ABC News

Terry Peder Rasmussen went by many aliases. He killed at least six people in horrific murders that spanned from the 1980s to the 2000s: even children were not safe. Terry laid out false identities earned him the name “Chameleon Killer.”

Breadcrumbs Of Suspicious Traces

Terry enlisted in the US Navy | Photo Credits: RiverFront Times

Terry was born on December 23, 1943, in Denver, Colorado. He dropped out of college when seventeen years old and immediately enlisted in the US Navy the following year. Terry’s life is only clear up to his marriage in 1969. He had four children and lived in Pheonix and Redwood City, California. After his divorce in 1975, the 32-year-old vanished from the lives of all that knew him. Divorced for aggravated assault against his wife, Terry had nowhere else to go.

Terry traveled all over the United States, working as an electrician or mechanic, and adopted several aliases. Some knew him as Bob Evans, while others referred to him as Curtis Kimball, Gordon Jenson, or Larry Vanner. This host of fake identities made it much harder for the police to track down Terry’s victims. But, unfortunately, it also made him much deadlier.

Brutally Kills Woman And Her Daughters

Marlyse Honeychurch | Photo Credits: ABC News

By 1978, 35-year-old Terry was dating Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch. However, unfortunately, she, and her two daughters, would soon become his first set of victims. After a heated argument with her parents on November 23, 1978, Marlyse left home with her two daughters and Terry. At that time, Terry had adopted the alias “Bob Evans.”

Marlyse thought she and her two six-year-old and one-year-old daughters would be safe with Terry. Little could she imagine how wrong she would be.

Marlyse disappeared after that day, along with her daughters. Her family filed missing person reports but to…




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