Texas Church Minister Killed A Woman For His ‘Erotic Horror’ Fetish

Nobody could protect the 43-year-old Diane Holik from her gruesome fate.



Diane Holik, the victim | Photo Credits: The Cinemaholic

Having worked hard for her success, Diane was an executive in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). She lived the dream life of many single women. They aspired to be like Diane, wishing they could exchange lives with her. But, all that changed after the horrifying discovery on 16 November 2001. Today, when anyone thinks of Diane, they cannot help but shudder with fear at her unfortunate luck.

Climbs The Ladder To Success

Diane with her fiancé, Dennis Conley (left) | Photo Credits: Internet Archive

Born and raised in New York, Diane was a child with self-determination. With good grades and constant effort, she secured a position at IBM and rose through the ranks to become an Executive. Due to the nature of her work, Diane frequently traveled to different cities before she finally settled in Austin in 1996.

After relocating to the IBM branch in Austin, she slowly established a life for herself there and made good friends. In 2000, Diane joined a dating website hoping to meet a partner to settle down. Shortly after, she met her match, Dennis Conley, and the two got engaged after only two months of dating.

Diane planned to sell her house and move in with her fiancé in Houston, Texas. She placed a ‘For Sale’ sign in her yard and eagerly waited for potential buyers to come and look at her house. Little did she know she was practically digging her grave.

The Horrifying House Visit

On 15 November 2001, Diane was working from home because of the storm when the doorbell rang in the evening. A man in his 40s had come to inspect the house for purchase. Excited, Diane let him in instantly and gave him a house tour. Towards the end, he expressed his appreciation for the place and told Diane he would like to visit again with his wife. That is when he would make the payment in cash.

Overwhelmed by his favorable response, she offered to make tea for him. While busy in the kitchen on the…




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