Man Brutally Shoots Sister Four Times, Parents Uphold Son’s Innocence

Mason Jenkins’ parents deny the pile of incriminating evidence, choosing to believe in their son’s innocence.



Leslie (left), Brian (centre) and Mason (right) Jenkins | Photo Credits: MUBI

The psychological horror of the Jenkins family torn apart by murder increased tenfolds when the murderer was the victim’s brother. This true story that rocked the small-knit community of Chatham, Ontario, bears explanation. The murder of 18-year-old Jennifer Jenkins made headlines as the parents, Brian and Leslie, struggled to wrap their heads around the new reality.

A Sibling Bond Full Of Love

Jennifer Jenkins | Photo Credits: The Chatham Daily News

20-year-old Mason was the black sheep of his family. Brian, the father, worked as a sales agent, selling industrial chemicals to factories day in and day out. A hard worker who contributed every penny into taking care of his wife and children, the Jenkins family was an average Canadian one. However, soon the unimaginable would wreak havoc in their life.

While Jennifer was a classic goody-two-shoes who had ambitious dreams for her future, Mason was involved in several petty thefts. For example, he would often steal cars, take them for a ride to enjoy the thrill of it, and then put them back in the owners’ garage. The family was puzzled at his behaviour and even concerned, but that never came in the way of their relationship. They loved him, and he reciprocated.

Jennifer and Mason were particularly close. Both respected, cared for, and admired each other. That is partially the reason for the shock of the murder. Brian, commenting on the murder later on in the Emmy-award-wining documentary Life with Murder, said:

“On Christmas, a few days before the murder, I saw both of them looking at each other with admiration. How could that kind of love turn to murder within a week?”

What Happened That Day?




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