Former Cop Ruthlessly Killed Six Relatives For Insurance Money

She was caught red-handed, planning the murders of her sister and her five children and mother.

6 min readDec 30, 2021


Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu | Photo Credits: BBC

On November 5, 2021, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was finally handed six life sentences in court. She killed six of her closest loved ones for insurance money, and unless the hired hitman hadn’t confided in the police, she would have escaped all accountability. Yet, chillingly, despite irrefutable evidence, Nomia refused to plead guilty till the bitter end.

Victims Include Sister, Niece, And Boyfriend

Maria Mushwana, Nomia’s mother, testifying in court | Photo Credits: IOL

The 46-year-old former police sergeant pocketed more than 1.4m Rand ($95,000; £69,000) from the ridiculously ruthless killings. The list of victims is chilling. The first victim was her cousin, Madala Witness Home, found dead with head injuries in 2012 in Olifantsfontein. Nomia had hired a hitman to do the job. She received R131 000 from the insurance payout.

She Killed Her Own Sister

Nothing would satiate Nomia. The next victim was her very own sister, Audrey Ndlovu. She was found poisoned and strangled to death in her rented room in Tembisa in June 2013. Unlike all of her other victims, Nomia had extinguished Audrey’s life with her own hands. It makes it that more chilling and mind-numbing.

Stabbing Her Boyfriend to Death

The killings didn’t end there. Nomia had her niece beaten to death by a hitman that same month. Two years later, in October 2015, Nomia hired a hitman to stab her boyfriend, Maurice Mabasa, around eighty times. He died a painful death. To add to the inhumanity of the crime, Maurice was also the father of her child. These crimes beg the question: did Nomia not possess a heart? Did she really have no attachment whatsoever to these loved ones? Was the money worth it?

During the next three years, Nomia killed two more of her nephews. Without any care whatsoever of its impact on her relatives, she brutally plowed them down and pocketed their hefty…




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