Brothers With God-Complex Torture And Massacre Their Family

The brothers stabbed their mother 48 times, father 21 times, and siblings multiple times as well.

5 min readNov 14, 2021


Michael (left) and Robert (right) Bever | Photo Credits: Tulsa World

The Bever Family Massacre of July 2015 is well-known to every crime enthusiast. Its sheer horror and psychopathic tendencies are enough to concern many. 18-year old Robert and 16 year old Michael Bever’s murder of their parents and siblings in the small town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was a stark reminder of harm nearby. Sometimes, that danger lives close enough to be from one’s own family.

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Bever family siblings | Photo Credits: Reddit

July 22, 2015, was the unfortunate day of the murders. However, as it was later revealed, the murder had been painstakingly planned by the brothers beforehand.

Somewhere around 11 p.m., Michael called his 13-year-old sister into the room. He wanted to show her something on the computer. However, as soon as she entered the room, Crystal was grabbed from behind by Robert. Shocked and distraught, she struggled. After all, what had gotten into her otherwise friendly brothers? Little did she know what would unravel.

Robert, without any hesitation, drove a knife deep into Crystal’s abdomen and arms. He never stopped to wonder that he was harming the sister he’d grown up with. Their shared moments of laughter, play, and love all vanished. Investigators were to wonder afterward if the brothers ever held affection for the family members.

April Bever, their mother, heard the commotion, and rushed upstairs. She was wondering what new scuffle her children had gotten up to. Then, a scene from a horror movie met her. Robert grabbed her and stabbed her at least 48 times in the head, neck, torso, arms, and hands. The brothers didn’t leave a single place on her body unscathed. Crystal watched helplessly- we can only imagine the trauma she would’ve gone through. One investigator, remarking on April’s wounds, said:

“There were more wounds on her than I’ve ever seen in any body, ever.”




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