Bank Robber Kills His Family in Stakeout

Timothy Blackburn escapes from prison for his family’s sake, and by the end of the stakeout, kills them with his own hands.



Newspaper cutouts detailing Timothy Blackburn’s escape | Photo Credits: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Timothy Blackburn is famous for pulling off the largest bank heist in Nevada and the brutal fallout afterward. The escape, aided by family members, shockingly ended with their death. This case has concerned many, especially Henry Shlumpf, the chief investigator involved in the nail-biting three-hour-long negotiation with Timothy.

Largest Bank Robbery In Nevada

Timothy Blackburn | Photo Credits: Murderpedia

December 21, 1998, is marked in history for the largest ever bank robbery executed in Nevada. Agent Henry Shlumpf from the FBI received the distress signal at around midnight and rushed onto Charleston Boulevard.

That night interlaced with dread, he discovered that two armed men had kidnapped three janitors as part of their grand plan. While Henry tried to manage the guard shot down by the robbers, they sped away, bagging an amount that would rock Nevada.

Henry, upon finding the receipt for the cashed amount, remembered exclaiming:

“Wow, that is the biggest bank robbery in Nevada history right there. A million dollars in cash.”

With little to no information, the police made two fundamental discoveries: firstly, they found the make of the getaway vehicle. Then, when combing through the streets nearby, they discovered a car parked at a weird angle. Determined to canvass all lengths, he inquired into it. Rewarded for his attention to detail, a neighbor remarked that a white pickup truck had been parked here, with two wheels on each side of its rear axle.

Secondly, the police convinced the bank to offer a $50,000 reward, which resulted in the monumental anonymous tip by “Foxfire”. Money was, ironically, going to be the trick behind discovering the stolen money. Henry recalled the call:

“And I go, ‘OK, Foxfire, what can I do for you? She goes, ‘Well, I got a friend who’s got a friend who knows somebody who says




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