17-Year-Old Stabbed In The Back And Left To Die

Jodie Chesney was not the intended victim.



Jodie Chesney | Photo Credits: The Guardian

Jodie Chesney was surrounded by her friends when suddenly knifed to death in a playground in St Neot’s Road in Harold Hill, East London.

Stabbed 18-cm Deep By Two Strangers

A girl scout and A-Level student, Jodie was an average London neighborhood gal. On March 1, 2019, she was hanging out with friends at Harold Hill park, Essex.

It was getting late. Little did the group of teenagers know that at precisely 9 20 pm, Jodie would be fatally stabbed.

Two balaclava-clad boys rushed at the group and lodged a huge knife into Jodie’s back. She was stabbed so hard that the blade snapped.

Its blade was left lodged into her body. The boys made a run for it.

Jodie’s 18-year-old boyfriend was sitting beside her. He said that Jodie’s “blood-curdling” screams rang in the park for two minutes straight:

“She was in shock at first. She started screaming continuously, very loud, about two minutes straight. After she stopped screaming, she began to faint.”

The wound was 18 cm deep.

Boyfriend Begs Her To Stay Alive

Jodie Chesney | Photo Credits: The Sun

The teenagers’ lives were uprooted within a second. A minute ago, they were making idle chatter. Now, their friend was dying in front of their eyes.

49-year-old neighbor, Teresa Farenden, was one of the first responders to the terrifying scene. She still remembers the helplessness, fear, and sheer horror.

Teresa and the teenagers tried to compress the wounds to stop the bleeding, but they and failed.

Teresa later recalled:

“There was so much blood. I told the ambulance lady, ‘She needs a blood transfusion, make sure they bring blood’…The boyfriend was holding her and kissing her face. He was whispering and begging her, ‘Please, please stay awake.”




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